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About Us

Meet our leadership

Selim Koc


Began his tech journey in 1994, earning his DOS certificate. His dedication to software development led him to pursue a high school diploma in the software department, followed by a bachelor’s degree at Boğaziçi University, where he studied software development and cybersecurity among other subjects. Selim was also awarded a scholarship from JASSO to study for a year at Waseda University in Japan.

Selim founded a software company in 2009 that has successfully served multinational clients for over 15 years. Selim’s goal is to make high-tech solutions, emphasizing speed and security, accessible not only to enterprises but also to small businesses.

Yoshiaki Tajima

Japan and APAC Head

Tajima’s upbringing in a tech-savvy family instilled a deep appreciation for cutting-edge solutions. Their father, the visionary founder of an IT company, fueled their passion for technology.

Tajima holds B.S. degree in IT and business from Cyber University Tokyo. Their ability to bridge the gap between technology and commerce makes them a valuable asset to our team. Tajima’s journey continues to shape our future, and we’re grateful to have them on board.

Salih Uslu

Europe Market Lead

Cihan Pehlivan

Head of Algorithms, Math and Problems

A passionate mathematician, initially pursued electronics engineering at METU (ODTU). However, his love for mathematics led him to switch gears. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and later pursued a Master’s degree at Bogazici University. His academic journey culminated in a Doctorate degree from Università degli Studi Roma TRE in Italy.

Throughout his career, Cihan has worn multiple hats. He served as a lecturer at various universities and played a pivotal role in our startup. At our company, he focuses on mathematical problem-solving, optimizations, and tackling complex challenges that arise during product development and innovation.

Kayhan Aykin

Chief Cloud Officer

A civil engineer with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Bogazici University, has a wealth of experience. After working for several years as a geotechnical engineer, he transitioned to the IT field. His 42 Computer Science School education equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in this domain.

In his current role, Kayhan plays a crucial role in managing the cloud infrastructure and ensuring the reliability of systems and services. His expertise extends to communications, where he ensures seamless connectivity and efficient operations.

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